Businesses rely on CDS for expertise in providing employees who are skilled in materials handling, product assembly, facilities maintenance and food services. We can keep your school, factory or warehouse operating at peak capacity across multiple shifts, during peak workloads and through vacation seasons - with competent, reliable personnel.

Whatever your needs for staffing are, our experienced professionals can guarantee that you receive hard-working temporary or full-time light industrial specialists across a full range of positions, including:

Assembly Workers

Food Services Employees

Inventory Technicians

Maintenance Technicians

Materials Handling Technicians
Packaging Employees

Shipping and Receiving Workers

Quality Control Specialists

School Custodians

Targeted recruiting
CDS maintains an extensive database of skilled Light Industrial employees so we can quickly respond to your staffing needs.
Quickly identifies general skills and work-related experience of prospective candidates.
Provides accurate and realistic measurements of a candidate's manual and precision dexterity.
Evaluates arm and hand dexterity as well as hand-eye coordination - the skills necessary to use hand tools, operate automated machinery and stack and sort materials and products.
Evaluates a candidate's matching, math, measuring and coding skills. and stack and sort materials and products.
Ensures our customers receive a skilled, reliable employee right from the start.
Performance recognition and retention
Reduces staff turnover.
Increases staff productivity.
Lowers recruitment and training costs.
Quality assurance
Ensures that you are fully satisfied with our employee's performance.

Contact us today - you'll find that with CDS, your staffing success is not just our business - it's our commitment.